Searching for house rent in Krabi.

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Yesterday, we did not succumb to the entreaties of fellow Oleg to begin the process of complete rest, to go to Railay together till the evening.

It was taken the courageous decision to look for housing.

Prior to that, we walked along nearby streets and isolated places which suited our demands.

And today, Lena went directly to search the house, and I with Alex decided to look nearby beach Noppharat Thara Beach.

On our beach it can be seen by naked eye. I thought that it was not far away and my son and I went there)))

Alex really bravely went the distance (about an hour walking).

But I think that the fact that along the way we came across many interesting things played agreat role.

Old roll, perhaps, they already laid asphalt while we were still riding horses

Along the way we looked at the pier with longtail boats.

Longtail boats pier

Here one can buy a ticket to any nearby island, $10-30

Longtail motor

The whole way it was nice shade, convenient track and wonderful views.

The path winds in such thickets

Beautiful palm tree

What kind of fruit is it?

Beaches are deserted, It's lowseason now

Very beautiful hotels.

Huge pagodas

At the end, we got to such place.

A part of Noppharat Thara Beach

I really liked it- nice shade, given by huge and magnificent trees.

Great shade

By the way, the presence of such giants led me to a thought that there were no tsunami at this part of the beach at least last century.

Very beautiful rocks.

Here is very interesting small island, which can be get to through the sand bar.

small island

And the main things are clean water and no big waves.

Come back home by Tuk-Tuk, Alex likes it much.

As a result, tomorrow my beloved wife will go to this beach area to search for a house, ’cause today she has not found anything nice to rent.

We’ve decided that we need minimum 1 bedroom, kitchen, swimming pool (possibly shared), good Internet and about 15 min walk to the beach.

The good price is limited to 15000 Bht ($500).

Unfortunately, today among the houses inspected by Lena, none did meet these parameters.

Prices start from 5,000 baht and up to infinity, an average of 7000-8000 but always something was missing)))

In addition Helen was upset, when she saw a snake on a tree. She decided to go through the jungle to the distant houses rising above))))

So tomorrow we’ll be searching again, but there is still time, we’ll find something for sure:)

Alex eats corn)))))))))

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